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Double dating status detected Double dating status detected

Detection[ edit ] The first fast radio burst to be described, the Lorimer Burst FRBwas detected in in archived data recorded by the Parkes Observatory on 24 July Since then, most known FRBs have been found in previously recorded data.

On 19 Januaryastronomers at Australia's double dating status detected science agency CSIRO reported that a fast radio burst had been observed for the first time live, by the Parkes Observatory. Unlike many radio sources, the signal from a burst is detected in a short period of time with enough strength to stand out from the noise floor.

The burst usually appears as a single spike of energy without any change in its strength over time. The bursts last for several milliseconds thousandths of a second.

The bursts come from all over the sky, and are not concentrated on the plane of the Milky Way. Known FRB locations are biased by the parts of the sky that the observatories can image. This delay is described by a value referred to as a dispersion measure DM.

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Extragalactic origin[ edit ] The interferometer UTMOST has put a lower limit of 10, kilometers for the distance to the FRBs it has detected, supporting the case for an astronomical, rather than double dating status detected, origin because signal sources on Earth are ruled out as being closer than this limit. This limit can be determined from the fact that closer sources would have a curved wave front that could be detected by the multiple antennas of the interferometer.

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The reported burst properties argue against a physical association with the Milky Way galaxy or the Small Magellanic Cloud. The burst became known as the Lorimer Burst.

The fact that no further bursts were seen in 90 hours of additional observations implies that it was a singular event such as a supernova or merger of relativistic objects. Measurement of the signal's dispersion delay suggested that this burst was of double dating status detected origin, possibly up to 6 billion light years away.

In Novemberastronomer Paul Scholz at McGill University in Canada, double dating status detected ten non-periodically repeated fast radio pulses in archival data gathered in May and June by the Arecibo radio telescope.

The team thinks that this finding rules out self-destructive, cataclysmic events that could only occur once, such as the explosion of a black hole or the collision between two neutron stars.

The researchers also noted that FRB is presently in a "heightened activity state, and follow-on observations are encouraged, particularly at higher radio frequencies".

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