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Dating the enemy jake

Dating the enemy jake

This week, it's time for the hometown dates, in which Jake meets the parents. First up, Jake visits Gia's hometown, New York.

Dating the enemy jake

If he can make it there, he'll make it anywhere. The dating the enemy jake take pictures of each other with the Statue of Liberty in the background. And enemy jake commence to smooching. Jake says he gets lost in Gia's kisses.

Jake says he's all about working through differences. Now, it's on to Gia's family, especially her doting mom, who has a Noo Yawk accent a mile wide. Gia's brother, sporting "Jersey Shore'-caliber hair product, tells Jake he better not hurt his sistah, otherwise there'll be trouble. Mom goes on and on about how Gia has been hurt -- this show makes having bad luck in your romantic life sound as traumatic as facing enemy fire.

Jake assures Mom he won't drag Gia's heart around. The romantic duo sit on a stoop and kiss.

OK, that's kind of sweet. And we're in Williamstown, Mass. It's just past autumn color season, but Jake and Ali scrounge up dating the enemy jake leaves to make a wish on. And it's more kissing. Jake says, "I missed that. Ali has no trouble "opening up" to Jake. She takes him to visit the house where her late and beloved grandmother lived.

It's touching, but a little weird -- the house is just sitting there empty except for a conveniently displayed photo of Grandma? Ali says the spirit of Grandma is there, and she has accepted Jake into the family.

Jake dating the enemy

This is practically turning into an episode of "The Ghost Whisperer. Jake asks Mom if he proposed to Ali, would he have her blessing? Her gut is telling her Jake is a good guy. Maybe it was something she ate? Anyway, Ali tells Jake "I want to be there in the end. If you asked me today, I would say yes. Jake runs to Tenley, and datings the enemy jake his arms out, exclaiming happily "I'm in Oregon!

Well, it's about time, guy. Jake talks about how Tenley is right for him because they share the same core values. Tenley's wearing polka-dot rainboots that look exactly like the ones I bought at Freddie's last year. Tenley starts talking about her ex-husband again, though she says "I don't like talking about my ex.

They go to the Chehalem Valley Dance Academy, where Tenley shares her love of dancing, and that it was something her ex never supported or understood. She's choreographed a dance for Jake.

Jake enemy dating the

Jake says, "I just was kinda melting in the chair. Jake wonders if Tenley is over her ex. Robert and Jake have a man-to-man talk. Dad says he had seen Jake on TV and thought, "I wish Tenley would meet that guy" or someone like that guy. Because he seemed like a good guy.

Dad wants to know, "Are you that guy? Jake asks Tenley's mother if she's ready to go down the road of love again. Mom says there'll be some emotional spillover from her divorce for a while, but that Tenley will be just fine.

By the end of this, everybody has teared up. Jake asks Tenley's dad for his blessing, and he gets it. Tenley says she's falling for Jake and that her heart feels safe dating the enemy jake him. Last but not least, it's Sanford, Florida, dating the enemy jake of Vienna.

She takes Jake for a ride on the river and they spot 'gators. And it's on to the family home, where Vienna and her dad have such an emotional reunion it makes me think of that "Saturday Night Live" skit about a family that can't stop kissing each other. Vienna says, "I'm a daddy's girl. And what's all this about Jake dating these other women, anyway? Dad seems on the verge of pulling out his shotgun.

Jake wants to clear up this whole thing with Vienna -- he thinks she's the bees' knees, but the other women think she's Evil Incarnate. Something doesn't add up. The family says that has always happened to Vienna. Because she's so honest. And she goes after what she wants.

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Make up your mind, dude. She just found out she has to choose between staying on the show and going back to work. That's the biggest bombshell? She's crying all over the place.

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Jake looks uncomfortable. Either his heart is torn or he had a really bad burrito for lunch. Ali obviously wants him to dating the enemy jake, stay here! Instead, he says, stay here but I can't promise you anything. At the rose ceremony, Ali -- still sobbing -- moans and groans about not knowing what to do.

Jake says, "The love of my life may walk right out the door.

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C'mon guys -- you've seen the show. Things don't work out. If Ali leaves, she'll never see Jake again! He might have to say goodbye to her forever!!! Chris makes the obvious point -- what if Ali quits her job for Jake, she stays, and then he says, "Y'know, thanks.

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