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Tank girl dating sim editor

Tank girl dating sim editor

No, this was no mere hallucination! When Seiji focused and refreshed his tank girl dating sim editor, he noticed that the demons were now covered in white snow! This ice and snow spread all over the demons' bodies as the song continued. When Miyuki sung the first climax, the ice and snow now completely enveloped the demons.

They then transformed into a thick red mist that gathered itself on Miyuki's body… no, her right hand! She absorbed the mist… in a different way from Hisashi and Mika. As expected of a national idol singer. I can't use that ability too often. Thank you for your performance.

The two of them proceeded forward. When they met with demons again, Seiji unsheathed his sword and went up to fight them. He immediately discovered that there was a barrier on his body which not only blocked the monsters' attacks, it even counterattacked with incredible power!

This was evidently one of Miyuki's spells. Thanks to her barrier, it became quite easy for him to deal with the demons.

Editor sim girl tank dating

After a while of battling, Seiji then noticed that almost all the demons were heading for him and acted as if they didn't even see Miyuki. He instantly realized that this tank girl dating sim editor also had to have a "taunt" effect.

Seiji felt rather subtle about this. Still, it was fine with him. She was a national idol singer, after all. It would seem out of character for her to be the type to rush forward into battle. It was more normal for her to fight in the backline and buff her teammates.

As he thought about singer types in anime, the first anime that came to Seiji's tank girl dating sim editor was an interstellar anime about girls who sang and danced and also piloted mechas in such a foolish way… Their songs started out in a romantic style at first, and then became hot-blooded, then magical, and by the end, their songs were becoming rather demonic… Cough, he was getting sidetracked.

At any rate, singer types were almost always the type who buffed their allies or had special abilities. They were typically support characters, although there tank girl dating sim editor also be exceptions that were warriors.

As for Miyuki Sakuraku, Seiji had no idea if her true abilities were support, mage, or warrior type. Regardless, he would be unable to defeat her at his current level. Without even using any other abilities, just her Ethereal Snow song now would be more than enough to deal with him. He had fallen victim to the song's hallucination properties as well. If she had targeted him with that song, he would have likely ended up just like those demons.

Her "special performance" was a direct method of showing off how powerful she was. Thanks to the high level singer's support, the low level warrior constantly eliminated the large monsters in his way. He started getting numb to the situation.

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However, the next fearsome monster that he met helped Seiji to recognize just how weak his Spiritual Abilities were as a very new Yin Yang Master. This monster was a centipede. It was a giant centipede monsters which was over one hundred meters long! It had a vicious-appearing head, countless segments to its body, and endless editor feet.

Its entire body was covered in abnormal blood-red runes, giving it a strongly impactful appearance. Ordinary people would surely be scared to the point of fainting, especially if that person had trypophobia. This centipede monster instantly started emitting a large amount of dark-green mist the moment it appeared.

Right when Seiji sensed danger, a force suddenly tugged him behind Miyuki. Let me deal with this!! Her voice was obviously quite tense.

Tank girl dating sim editor: dating simulation games for all ages

He then immediately heard a huge sound as if two cars had crashed against each other. Various sounds then followed after that. It was evident that she was battling fiercely against the centipede. Seiji did his best to observe the fight using [Astral Vision]. However, his low level of [Astral Vision] was unable to let him even see through the centipede's dark-green mist.

Suddenly, a blood-red flash that had tremendous power shot at him through the mist!

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Seiji did his best to dodge this danger since even his passive ability had activated. However, the blood-red flash had a tremendous area of effect. It was tank girl dating sim editor for him to dodge it. Seiji also activated the third ability of his [Mika tank girl dating sim editor reward card] which allowed him to instantly teleport a small distance in any direction he wanted.

This allowed him to successfully dodge the blood-red flash. He was sent whirling through the air a great distance. He crashed through many branches, snapping them all before crashing into a large tree. That really hurt… Seiji fell down onto the ground and felt like he was about to spit blood despite having a toughened body thanks to the [Body-strengthening technique]. He received so much damage just from being on the outer edge of the shock wave's impact.

Tank girl dating sim editor

If he had taken a direct hit… he didn't dare to imagine. This centipede was far too powerful. It was on another level entirely from all the other Inner World spiritual creatures he had ever met before! The others could all be termed as garbage in front of this one.

Tank girl dating sim editor

Perhaps there also needed to be a level system for the spiritual creatures, and categories such as wolf, tiger, demon tank girl dating sim editor monsters, and so on. Seiji thought about such things as he crawled up and watched the battle from a great distance.

He wanted to not get anywhere close to that battle. However… Other demon-type monsters started approaching him from the forest. Seiji could only sigh.

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It wasn't that easy to soak up experience in a high level dungeon after.

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