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Epiphone banjo dating

Epiphone banjo dating

Epiphone SN systems — — an overview Epiphone's stringed instruments of the — period typically show a visible serial number — high-end models the same way as lower-priced instruments.

Several different SN systems were used depending on epiphone banjo dating type and time period — mostly employing consecutive, ascending numbers following the timeline of production see detailed analysis in chapter 3 ff. Acoustic instruments — SNs starting at and ending around SN on label or stamped inside body.

Details see chapter 2.

Epiphone banjo dating

Acoustic instruments —, including electric hollowbody epiphone banjos dating — SNs starting at and ending around SN on label inside body. Electric instruments — The earliest electric instruments from don't bear a SN; SNs starting by around 25 and ending around SN stamped on headstock.

During WW2 electric instrument production was halted. Details see chapter 6.

Electric instruments — SNs with model-specific prefix and serial suffix on most models. SN stamped on headstock or bridge unit. See documented instruments in registry database.

How to Place & Install a Banjo Bridge - Fender

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