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Dating matrix inverse height

Dating matrix inverse height

Everything against everything! As for any optimization problem, the many degrees of freedom require a critical interpretation of the inversion results.

These scripts help building an empirical vision of the results in the perspective of the knowledge of the studied eruption. We will therefore attempt to find the combination of plume height and eruption mass that best reproduce the deposit.

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To do so, the Tephra2 uses a downhill simplex method, which searches for the minimum of a function - here the fit between observed and computed values - between user-defined ranges of [heightmin - heightmax] and [massmin - massmax]. We therefore need a method to subjectively discard this solution from the inversion result.

The single mode datings matrix inverse height for a minimum within the entire space defined by the ranges of plume heights and masses and consists of one single inversion run. The batch mode splits the space of plume heights and masses into smaller domains, and one inversion run is performed for each domain.

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The seed mode, for a lack of a better term, is pretty much the equivalent of the single mode repeated multiple times varying the seed. The seed is a number that controls the reproducability of stochastic runs, and in the case of the inversion it will control the starting point of the optimisation process.

In case of unconstrained deposits, varying the seed is likely to affect the results. It is a good procedure to assess the sensitivity of the results to the input seed.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of each method?

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