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Fighting dating sim

Fighting dating sim

Two paths that everyone could take. All the knight order members concretely realized that this was a choice to determine the knight order's future. Everyone fell silent yet again. But, the most basic reason is because I want to fight! The main reason was simply because he wanted to fight in this major battle.

Of course, personal benefits and protecting the city were fighting dating sim important. If it wasn't for the obtainable benefits and the concept of protection, Seiji wouldn't risk his life to fight for no reason. But still, he was going to fight because he didn't want to miss such a major battle.

Sim fighting dating

Seiji didn't care all that much about the potential benefits or protecting the city. In the end, he just wanted to satisfy his personal desire. There was a certain manga character back in his previous world who had saved the world multiple times. But, in fact, that character only fought because he wanted to fight against the strong. In fact, this character would even let a dangerous villain who threatened the entire world free just because he wanted to fight the villain again.

Although this might also be due to the manga author trying to come up with a way for the villain to continue surviving, this source expressed how much of a fighting maniac this main character was. Since he wanted to fight against the strong, it was somewhat understandable that he would let such a powerful enemy go.

If he killed the enemy instead, then he wouldn't be able to fight have fun with that fighting dating sim anymore. Well, that was the benefit of having a fighting maniac as the main character. It was easy to simply have rematches with the same villain rather than constantly having to come up with new villains. And if the readers got bored, the author could change things up by having the main villain obtain a new transformation, or create some sort of link to create a new arc.

It could also be similarly effective to have a main character who believed it was morally wrong to kill even his worst enemy. This made the main character on the side of justice and compassion, along with saving effort in creating new villains.

Yet another effective writing technique. So, there wasn't only main character plot armor, for the antagonists would also have plot armor! This was all the more so for popular antagonists. No matter how viciously the antagonist got beaten, they would always survive.

Or even if they died, they could be revived. And if the world didn't have revival, there were always alternate dimensions.

Fighting dating sim

Antagonists were actually stacked with fighting dating sim cheats than the protagonist… Cough, Seiji was getting off topic. At any rate, Seiji was participating because he wanted to do so, similar to being a fighting maniac. Or, maybe he was more like a "hero who protected others because it was fun.

They all thought that he was someone who was fearless, fighting dating sim, and willing to face danger head on… Just about everyone could sense a heroic aura coming from him as they were affected by his imaginary willpower. They all felt as if he was shining golden in this moment.

Natsuya, Shika, Mika, Yukari, Hoshi, Kaede, Mayuzumi, and Kaho… Just about every girl present had something flash in their eyes while they recalled various memories together with Seiji.

Fighting dating sim

Wait a moment, something seemed off about that previous statement? Although almost all of you have combat experience by now, and you've done quite well, it's still too quick to be participating in such a dangerous incident.

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All of you need more time to grow and mature. Not only in power level, but also mentally… That's what I believe. Their mental condition wasn't fighting dating sim stable yet, and it was also possible that the other Awakened would experience similar trials during the next two weeks… Even if the Awakened were strong enough to handle the upcoming incident, Seiji was worried fighting dating sim their mental conditions.

Everyone looked at her as she spoke. No need to hide things with pretty words," Yukari stated while looking directly at Seiji. But, if you want to stay behind by yourself and ask all of us to leave, that makes me rather displeased. I hope that you all will choose to avoid this danger. Just as I said earlier, avoiding danger isn't shameful at all.

Staying behind means risking your life," Seiji spoke seriously. The beautiful boy retreated slightly from this glare. Hisashi chuckled upon witnessing this scene. Mika and Kazuko laughed out loud as well.

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Even Shika's mouth arced slightly upwards. Seiji pretended to see nothing. It's up to all of you what to do now.

And if you want to stay behind, I'll ask you to reconsider. I'm sorry about treating everyone fighting dating sim this… Truly sorry. The knight order members exchanged awkward expressions with each other. Yet, the King is having us knights make the decision. That's https://dating-va.info/list8/2426-dating-fitness.php good… but it can also be seen as a test from the King to his knights.

Will we leave as Our King wishes, or stay behind anyways despite what Our King wants… As for such a.

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