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Yale and towne trunk lock dating

Yale and towne trunk lock dating

The usual trunk lock comprises a hasp that is pivoted to one part of the trunk and is adapted to interlock, with another part of the trunk through the medium of locking mechanism carried by the hasp.

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Generally, but not necessarily, this locking mechanism comprises a bolt or bolts movable relatively to the hasp by a key controlled mechanism, there being provided on the other part of the trunk, usually the yale and towne trunk lock dating, a cup-shaped strike into which the bolts may enter.

Those skilled in the art will recognize that the particular combination outlined is well known and used very widely. It has https://dating-va.info/list11/144-chile-datingchile-cl.php customary in the trunk art to secure the locking mechanism to the hasp through means of rivets, and then to hinge the hasp relatively to a hinge support that is itself riveted.

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Not only is this riveting relatively expensive, but it is not pleasing to the eye and. It is the object of my invention to contribute a trunk lock of the hasp type in which rivets will be eliminated so that the hasp will present an outer smooth streamlined surface appearance such as is highly desirable in the art.

It is a further object of my invention to mount the hasp in position, and to secure to the hasp the locking mechanism, in a simple and most effective manner. I have thus outlined the general nature of my invention and its yale and towne trunk lock dating to the prior art in order that the description thereof that follows may be better understood, and in order that my contribution to the art may be better appreciated.

There are, of course, additional features of my invention that will be described hereinafter and which will form the subject of the claims appended hereto. Those skilled in the art will appreciate that the conception on which my disclosure is based, may readily be utilized as. Referring now to the drawings, Fig.

Yale and towne trunk lock dating

Referring now more particularly to the drawings, the hasp of my invention is indicated generally by reference numeral 10, and in the preferred form of my invention, it is formed of sheet metal. By suitably bending the sheet metal, flanges II are formed at the sides link the hasp, while by suitable cutting and bending, one end of the hasp is shaped into a curved flange, or lip Prior to this bending of the flanges, a hole.

Yale and towne trunk lock dating

The forming of these grooves 14 is probably best illustrated in Fig. Thus, a shearing tool is driven into the metal, bending it as shown in dotted lines at 14a in Fig.

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Thereafter, the protuberance at 14a is elimirnated by grinding and. Therefore, a smooth outer surface remains on each of the towne trunks lock dating I'I, while on the inside surfaces of the flanges four shallow grooves 14 are present for the purposes to be indicated hereinafter. It will be well to add at this point that the grooves 14' will be slightly inclined vertically relatively'to the flanges I1 for a purpose to be indicated.

A locking assembly for the hasp is designated generally by reference letter L, and here comprises a cup-shaped member 15 formed of sheet metal and having openings for a pair of latchbolts 1T. Through an integral flange 18, the cupshaped member 15 is secured by rivets' 9' to what I term a mounting plate Mounted within the cup-shaped member 15 is a suitable key plug 21 rotating relatively to a neck 22 forming part of the lock assembly read more extending from the mechanism within the cup-shaped member Those skilled in the art.

However, it should be emphasized that the mounting plate 20 is not conventional, and is asseibled to the locking assembly to form a part thereof and thereby effecting its functioning as part of the novel combination of this invention. The mounting plate 20 is formed with integral downwardly bent lugs 23 as best seen in Fig.

And lock trunk dating towne yale

The plate 20 is further formed with an upwardly 5 bent flange 24 having curved lugs 2' at each end thereof so bent as to lie initially as shown best in Fig. With the lugs 25 bent as shown in dotted lines in Fig.

At this point, the two lugs 25 are bent from their dotted line position of Fig. Because the grooves 14 are inclined as ear- I lier set forth, the movement of the lugs 25 therein, serves to draw the locking assembly 17 downwardly and firmly into yale and towne trunk lock dating through coaction of the lugs 25 with the inclined groove walls.

It is now obvious that the locking assembly will be fully and completely secured to the hasp It will be appreciated that while this securing is full, complete and very adequate for the particular purpose, no rivets or other fastening means are required. Referring now to the left end of the hasp as seen https://dating-va.info/list5/4242-dating-in-asia-zierle.php Fig.

Dating towne yale and trunk lock

The ends of the sheet metal 28 thus lying against the inner surface 10a of the yale and towne trunk lock dating are bent upwardly at 32, with the outer ends 33 in the form of lugs similar to the lugs 25 and similarly bent so that the sheet metal 28 may move into the position illustrated in Fig. Thereafter, the lugs 33 are moved into the slots 14 in the same manner that the lugs 25 are moved into their slots Now the hinge pin 31 is in proper position and supported relatively to the hasp.

The hinge pin is carried by a hinge support plate 34 which through a bore 35 is bolted to the trunk body.

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