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Dating quest xp zone now

Dating quest xp zone now

Mentoring and Quest XP Hello!

I currently have a level 42 warrior, and it's a lot of fun. Through a combination of IAs, quests, dungeons, and rifts, I've been leveling up pretty quickly, but I've been racing a bit. As soon as I get high enough level to progress to the next zone, I move on, no matter where I am in the current zone's storyline.

I don't even really read the quests - I just follow the marks on the map and go. It's fun and I like combat. The story does look pretty interesting though, and I'm going to make an alt to read more thoroughly and see the story in a more relaxed way. I'll pretty quickly out-level the content, but I plan on mentoring down to stay on-level e.

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My question is this: I understand that I'll get on-level xp for killing monsters, but will I get on-level xp also for turning in the quests I do while mentored down? Using the previous example as a level 33 in a level 25 zone, if I accept, do, and complete a level 25 quest while mentored down to 25, will I get kill xp equivalent to level 33 kills but the xp equivalent to a level 25?

I believe this is the case but wanted to check to be sure. I'm fine with things going much slower because of this, but want to adjust my expectations accordingly at the start if this is how it works.

8.1 Incursions - Faster Alt Leveling in 8.1 110-120

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