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Swamp cooler set up

Swamp cooler set up

Swamp Cooler Roof Installation The best time to rough in your swamp cooler wiring and water line for your new cooler is after the holes are cut through the roof and ceiling, but before the ductwork is installed.

The attic will be relatively cool because of the natural ventilation of the heat exiting the roof. If the swamp cooler wiring can be done now without interfering with the ductwork installation, you will be a much happier Do-It-Yourselfer.

Cooler up swamp set

A degree attic with blown in insulation is not a pleasant place to be crawling around, pulling wires and water lines. The diagram to the left is a very typical rambler style one level home with a basement mechanical swamp cooler set up. Your home may be configured differently, but you should still be able to adapt the basic wiring and water line configuration into your home.

Routing Often the best route for your swamp cooler wiring and water line between mechanical room and the attic is the flue chase. This is a very popular location for the wiring and water line, because the chase is accessible from both the basement or main level mech.

Once you have roughed-in the wiring and water line to the attic, simply pull across them across the attic space to your roof jack next to the cooler. Make sure that the water line is not touching the flue. A plastic water line may melt and leak, and a copper one will rot away if touching a galvanized sheet metal flue. Do NOT install a coupling in the attic space. Couplings are prone to leaking and will likely destroy your ceiling without notice.

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At the swamp cooler, the water hook-up is usually located on an exterior corner of the cooler. This is a direct connection to the float assembly inside the cooler. Pull the water line out the top of the roof jack and route to this location. Ensure that there is upward slope to the float location. A low spot could hold water and freeze during the winter, causing a leak at start-up time in the spring.

The other end ties into the cold water supply line in the mechanical room. Self-piercing saddle valves are available for this purpose. But, saddle valves are undependable.

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The swamp cooler wiring Determine first the best location for the switch. This can be tricky, as the swamp cooler set up must communicate with unfinished space to the power source, and also communicate with the attic. Once again, if it is practical, placing the switch on the outide of the flue chase can be a good option. Make sure that https://dating-va.info/list9/4059-dating-pdf-into.php wiring does not touch the flue.

The heat from a flue can melt the outer coatings of the wire, and is a fire hazard. On the cooler end, during rough-in, leave plenty of extra length.

Swamp cooler set up: how can radiometric dating of igneous or metamorphic rocks be re set

The power junction box is up high inside the cooler cabinet. Residential volt wiring is fairly uncomplicated and easy to understand, however some folks are not comfortable working on any swamp cooler set up. If this is you, contact a professional electrician to complete this part of the installation. Refer to above diagram The green ground wires never carry electricity.

They are a safety "path to ground" to reduce the chances of shock and injury.

Swamp cooler set up

The white wire is the common. This wire is dead and carries no electricity until the switch is turned to one of the operational postions. Then the line is live and completes the circuit back to the power source. Utilizing this type of switch for your 2-speed cooler, the settings are: Off.


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