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Setup vpn login

Setup vpn login

Printer-friendly version Introduction to Virtual Private Networks VPN Some Oxford University online resources particularly web pages can only be accessed by computers that are directly connected to the Oxford University campus network.

Setup vpn login

These restricted services include: Connecting to local departmental services Some departmental and college pages, e. A VPN connection provides your computer with virtual connection to the campus network — it then behaves exactly as it would if you were actually on-campus.

You will also need to use the VPN service if you want to connect to the University network using OWL for University members In addition, you cannot access files via Microsoft file-sharing unless you are using a computer directly connected to the Oxford University Network. You don't need to use the VPN service if: You are only accessing unrestricted services such as email etc. The local networks at some other educational and commercial establishments do block VPN access.

XAUTH provides a click of warning should a remote site attempt setup vpn login redirect your login attempt in order to try and obtain your login credentials.

You are therefore bound by our IT Rules and Regulations until you close the connection again. A Remote Access account. You can register for this via the IT Services self-registration page.

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For Windows, OS X and Linux systems you must be able to log on to your computer using an account that has administrative access or is able to use sudo Linux systems. For most home setup vpn login systems the normal account you use to log on to the computer will have the necessary access.

Setup vpn login

An existing connection to the Internet broadband, LAN or dial-up. A suitable VPN client. The table below gives links to Cisco VPN software and instructions for many desktop and laptop operating systems.

Some operating systems such as the iPhone and iPod touch come with a native built-in client; again links to instructions setup vpn login in the table below. For systems without a native client and where we do not have a Cisco VPN client there may be suitable third party software available.

Setup vpn login

We provide some configuration information to help set these up but cannot provide full support and instructions for all such software. Please note you may need to configure extra programs in order to access local departmental file shares etc.

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Please consult with your local IT Officers as to how you should configure your system in these situations. Software and Instructions Instructions for installing and configuring this software on a variety of systems, together with links to relevant downloads are given in the table below.

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