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Backdating msp coverage

Backdating msp coverage

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Prior to joining Immix and entering the world of employee benefits, I shared the common misconception that the employer always pays MSP. I had worked for large companies and with the BC government in a union environment; in both job settings, my employer paid my MSP premiums as a part of the benefits package.

With this article, my aim is to give you a backdate msp coverage overview of provincial health care — and how it relates to employer-sponsored benefit plans. Each province across Canada has its own version of provincial health care. The way each province bills health care varies.

From my many years of experience in the benefits industry, many large corporations and unions will generally cover MSP costs, or have some sort of cost-sharing arrangement in place. Smaller companies usually do not cover the cost of MSP premiums.

Backdating msp coverage

Effective January 1,minors and dependents backdated msp coverage in full-time postsecondary studies are no longer subject to MSP premiums. As of January 1,the government further segmented income brackets to reduce the premiums for lower-income levels. Low-income individuals and seniors over age 65 may be eligible for premium assistance.

Backdating msp coverage

Premium Assistance- You might be eligible for a discount! From personal experience, I highly recommend that anyone with senior parents or grandparents double-check to ensure they are receiving premium assistance, that is, lower monthly MSP premiums.

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MSP does not backdate msp coverage them to do so — as my year-old grandmother and I learned the hard way. My grandma was paying way too much in MSP contributions. We had to show them seven years of tax returns to prove her earnings!

Only then, finally, did they backdate her significantly lower premium amount and refund those seven years of overpayment. So remember: MSP is quick to increase your monthly premiums when your income increases.

Port Moody Health MSP (Medical Services Plan) Coverage

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