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Dating contracts for daughters

Dating contracts for daughters

Vital records birth, marriage, death have always been a valuable source of family information and sought after by genealogists. The Jewish Marriage Contract Ketubah is no exception. There is a basic difference between the civil and religious marriage records in that one focuses on the union and the other on the termination of the union.

This paper discusses what is contained in the Jewish marriage contract, tells what it really means, and provides information that can be useful to family historians. Religion versus Tradition There are many customs associated with a Jewish dating contracts for daughters, some being traditions and others being required by religious law. The bride and groom typically stand under a canopy chupah during the ceremony.

Is the chupah required? The groom typically breaks a glass at the end of the ceremony. The marriage is usually officiated by a rabbi.

Dating contracts for daughters

Is the rabbi required? So what are the minimum requirements to make the marriage here by the Jewish religion? There are just two things. First, the groom says to his bride that he takes her to be his wife according to the laws of Moses and of Israel. And, dating contracts for daughters, this recital must be witnessed by two non-related Jewish men who will attest to that by signing their names as witnesses on the Jewish marriage contract.

So in effect the bride and groom are marrying themselves, and two people are attesting to the fact that it happened.

English versus Hebrew Typically a Jewish marriage contract contains two parts — one in Hebrew and one in English. All that is required is the Hebrew dating contracts for daughters. The English part is optional. This of course assumes the marriage took place in an English-speaking country. And if it occurred in Israel, there probably is only one part. The Hebrew part is the same on every Jewish marriage contract, and the basic wording has been unchanged for thousands of years.

Words may be added to the basic wording see the Lieberman Clause belowbut nothing may be removed.

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The English part, if present, need not be an accurate translation of the Hebrew part. It might not even bear any resemblance to the Hebrew part, and could simply be vows that the bride and groom have written themselves.

But typically the English part is a rough translation of the Hebrew with several liberties taken. For example, the Hebrew part talks about whether or not the dating contracts for daughters is a virgin, and the couple might not want that information easily readable on a document that they intend to put on display. The Hebrew part also talks about how many zuzim silver pieces the bride is worth, which also might not be something that the couple wants to advertise.

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Although I have been referring to the language as Hebrew, the contract is really written in Aramaic. But Aramaic and Hebrew use the same character set, and the words in the two languages are often similar. So referring to the language as Hebrew is not that far off.

Daughters for dating contracts

It is assumed that if the dating contracts for daughters has never been married before, she is a virgin. Sorry, harlot is not one of the traditional choices. It should be pointed out that there is an advantage to being designated as a virgin.

Traditionally the amount of money that the groom sets aside for the bride is doubled.

Dating contracts for daughters

And that gets us to the next point — namely what the monetary amounts mentioned in the contract are all about. The Ketubah is a Pre-Nup In essence, the contract is really a pre-nuptial agreement on the part of the groom.

It states how much he will give to the bride if the marriage is dissolved. However it never says that outright, but rather does so in wording that needs to be interpreted. So all the zuzim that the groom accepts and agrees to increase are in effect his divorce settlement.

Dating contracts for daughters

And he agrees to mortgage everything he owns, even the shirt off his back, in order to pay that settlement. Read article is a literal translation of the basic wording of the contract, with the fill-in terms shown in red.

And I here present you with the marriage gift of virgins, two hundred silver zuzim, which belong to you according to the law of Moses and Israel. And I will also give you your food, clothing, and necessities, and live with you as husband and wife according to the universal custom.

That money is hers but he will hold it for her in escrow for as long as they are married. And Goldeh, the virgin consented and became his wife. This zuzim also datings contracts for daughters into the escrow account, making a total of zuzim. And thus said Tevyeh the groom: "I accept upon myself and upon my heirs after me the responsibility to pay this your price, this the value of your goods, and this my additional gift, such that they will be paid from the best part of my estate and acquisitions, all I have under the heavens, that which I own now and that which I will come to own in the future.

All my property, land and chattels, even the shirt from my daughter, shall be held mortgaged to pay this price, this value of goods, and this additional gift, during my lifetime and after my life, from this day and forever. And even death is no escape because then the responsibility falls upon his heirs. The assumption is that the couple will struggle their entire lives, making just enough to exist on, and.

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