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Boss effect pedal dating

Boss effect pedal dating

Guide to dating DOD FX-series pedals by serial number Some early DOD FX-series pedals have stickers with the date of final assembly, but unlike Boss pedalsthe month and year of manufacture is not encoded in its boss effect pedal dating number. However, like vintage guitars and ampsthe date of manufacture of almost any effects pedal can be estimated by examining the date codes of its components.

Almost all IC chips have date codes, and boss effect pedal dating components such as potentiometers, transistors, and electrolytic capacitors can also have date codes. The main limitation to such an approach is that the date of assembly of the complete pedal would necessarily lag the newest component date code, perhaps by weeks.

Because the exact lag time is unknown, we decided not to include a "fudge factor" in our plot below: One caveat when using this plot is that when DOD rolled over from serial number tothe leading "1" was included in smaller text in the line above the rest of the serial number.

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Thus, be sure to include the leading "1" in your pedal's serial number when it is present. Several features of the plot are immediately apparent: Production appears to start after serial number k inand indeed we have never seen any FX-series pedals with a serial number lower than k. At the beginning ofserial numbers appear to abruptly step up to k.

Effect dating boss pedal

It is possible that others may exist, probably closer to k than k. Between serial number k and kthe correlation is sequential but nonlinear as production increased or slowed down. As DOD's FX pedal board made in the s boss effect pedal dating one to remove the pedal's bottom plate for attachment, which could result in the wrong plate being re-installed after the pedal is removed from the board, such a high degree of correlation during this time is especially striking.

One of the outliers is a FX15 Swell Pedal at serial number k. As the FX15 was a slow seller, it is reasonable to assume that many circuit boards were assembled but not immediately housed in an enclosure, which would explain why the component date was about two years younger than its serial number.

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Five related pedals represented as red circles, including four DigiTech PDS-series twin pedals and one DOD Master Switchboss effect pedal dating of which used the same type of serial number sticker fit very well with the FX-series data. Although we only have data from four PDS-series pedals, it may be reasonable to use this plot to estimate the production date of all PDS-series pedals.

However, the bifurcation of the scatter plot might be explained if pedals are sorted by series and then by the type of serial number sticker used.

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The x-axis of the plot was modified to include the yearand the date code of three final-series pedals a FX25B, FX84, and FX91 that had been previously assumed to have a date code of latewere revised in April With respect to component date codes, the rollover of two-digit year codes from to was not clearly understood at first, but started to make more sense as we re-examined component-side circuitboard pictures of those pedals.

For example, we now believe that a pot stamped "" is a date code boss effect pedal dating the 9th week of the year However, additional pedals will need to be opened up and examined to verify this hypothesis. Given the scope of this website, we have not examined the correlation between serial number and component date for Chinese-made DOD pedals.

Boss effect pedal dating

Feel free to download this plot for your own private non-commercial use, to "date" your DOD pedals, but please do not post it elsewhere on the internet. We reserve the right to update the plot at any time, so it would be better to just link to this web page.

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