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Non dating number plates

Non dating number plates

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How to get the service? OUR OFFER Qualified specialists of our company will provide you next range of services: Provide consultation on the temporary registration of the vehicle on the territory of Ukraine; Provide assistance in the preparation of documents necessary for the temporary registration of the vehicle; Represent client's interests in customs authorities and traffic police of Ukraine, or directly accompany when applying and implement other procedures related to the temporary registration of the vehicle on the territory of Ukraine.

Non dating number plates

All types of vehicles designed for use on the non dating number plates and road network of general use should be registration and accounted: cars, buses, motorcycles of all types, models of self-propelled vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, cycle, other equivalents vehicles and mopeds used on the roads of state importance. State registration period may be prolonged in the case of submission of documents proving its inability to timely conduct illness, business trip or other justifiable reasons.

Non dating number plates

Registration of vehicles owned by individuals, is held at centers of the services associated with the use of vehicles at the place of application of the owner or his authorized representative, regardless of place of residence of the owner.

Such vehicles must be registered with the authorized bodies of foreign states.

Vehicles for personal use, temporarily imported by non-residents on the customs territory of Ukraine, as well as fuel, which is contained in the normal tanks of such vehicles, established by the non dating number plates, can not be declared in writing and shall be exempt from the submission of documents issued by public authorities for the implementation of customs control and customs formalization of goods transported by citizens across the customs border of Ukraine.

At the entrance to the customs territory of Ukraine it is necessary to inform customs officers that the vehicle is temporarily imported onto the non dating number plates of Ukraine for their personal use, and then get a mark on the temporary importation.

Next, you need to apply to the Customs for Vehicle Registration Certificate, which you will need to supply documents to the traffic police authorities.

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The national license plates and registration documents on the right of ownership, use or disposal of vehicles of foreign countries, from which they are temporarily imported onto the customs territory of Ukraine under an obligation to re-export, shall be deposited non dating number plates the traffic police departments. Such a requirement is a condition for temporary accounting vehicles. License plates and registration documents are returned to owners in the order established by the Ministry of Internal Affairs after the removal of funds from the account.


The owner of the vehicle receives the license plates and registration certificate indicating the period of temporary importation, which is set by the customs authorities. Once temporary importation expires, vehicles are considered unregistered. Car import for commercial purposes is possible as an investment!

Millions of registrations. Personalise! Cheapest. Fixing of registrations stand out your plates and buy and your vehicle titles, name or motorcycle. Softball, it was. Looking for dateless style number plates & dateless registration numbers & can't find Dateless number plates are the oldest and rarest registrations available. Results 1, 48 of Buy Dateless Vehicle Number Plates and get the best deals ✅ at the lowest Dateless number plate TFZ IRISH UK NON DATING. results Dateless Number Plates are a great way to hide your vehicle's age. SpeedyReg are a UK Dateless Registrations. Save Results As Excel File. Show. Cheap Number Plates car registrations frm £20, personalised DVLA car registrations & private number plates frm £ Buy & sell Cherished car registration.

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